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Purim Raffles for School Due Feb 25

posted Feb 1, 2015, 11:35 AM by David Plass   [ updated Feb 25, 2015, 8:19 PM ]

The Temple Beth Am School is looking forward to another exceptional, fun-filled family event for Purim. Along with the family service, the many games that have been planned, and we will have Raffle Baskets.  The Raffle Baskets are created by donations from our school families. Each classroom will be assigned a theme and we ask each student in the class to consider donating an item that fits their theme.  The donated items from the classrooms will be collected and baskets will be made for each theme. We will also accept cash donations that will be used to purchase materials and items for the Raffle Baskets; just put them in an envelope marked Basket Donation

Your child’s classroom theme is noted below. In addition, if you have items that you would like to donate to any other theme, those are also noted below. Please label your donation and send it in to your child’s classroom by Wed. February 25th. Thank you in advance for your support. 

See you at the Purim Carnival on March 4th!





Up, Up & Away

Legos, Jenga, Barrel of Monkeys, K’NEX, etc


Summer Fun

Sidewalk chalk, water sprayers, water balloons, beach balls, inflatable toys, etc


Artist World

Markers, art books, paint, clay, craft kits, beads, paint brushes, crayons, origami, etc


Save it for a Rainy Day

Board games, DVDs, cards, books, puzzles, indoor games, magic tricks, snacks, etc


Away We Go

Travel games, drawstring bag, water bottle, flashlight, magazines, disposable camera


Be a Sport

Nerf balls, Frisbees, jump rope, sports magazine, water bottle, tennis balls, jacks, etc


What a Girl Wants

What a Boy Wants

Makeup, nail polish, crafts,games,accessories, jewelry, sports items, etc

Sports items, trading cards, fat heads, balls, games, hats, remote control cars, etc


Sweet Tooth

Cake mix, frosting, sprinkles, chocolate, candy making kits, baking tins, etc

Any questions please free to contact:

Andrea Schwab at, 516-647-4155