Brick Fundraiser EXTENDED to Mar 31

Dear Fellow Congregants,

We are writing to update you about the “Engraved Buy-a-Brick” fundraiser. We are pleased to announce that we are off to a successful start. We have already received orders for a total of 77 bricks! Of these bricks, 33 are the large bricks and 44 are the smaller bricks. There are still several people who have told us they are still interested in purchasing bricks. Our initial goal was for 100 engraved bricks --- with your help we can still make that happen!

We would like to thank the Brotherhood for their generous contribution in supporting the installation of the bricks. Since we are not breaking ground until the late spring or early summer, we are extending the order deadline for this fundraiser through March 31st . If you have been thinking about buying a brick and just haven’t sent in your order form, there’s still an opportunity to get it in to us now before March 31st!

Questions have come up about what to write on the bricks. Many families have decided to have their first and last names engraved on the bricks along with the year 2017. Other families have selected to have the brick in honor of an event or in memory of a family member. There are also some bricks with beautiful statements about our temple.

Please see below for some examples:
“In honor of the Bar Mitzvah of ___________________ 2/4/17”
“In loving memory of ____________________________”
“In honor of the birth of _________________________”
“The ________________ family supports Temple Beth Am”

If you have any other questions, please contact the Temple office at 378-3477.

Please support our Temple and buy a brick soon! 
We don’t want your brick to be the only one that doesn’t fit! 


Michael Krassner
On behalf of the Board of Trustees & The Revitalization Committee

David Plass,
Mar 8, 2017, 8:39 AM