Kol Nidre Appeal

Dear Fellow Congregant:

    We have ended this past year with critical and momentous events taking place in Israel and horrendous occurrences elsewhere in the Middle East, of which we are all very much aware. If anything, recent history has again reminded us of the need to remain strong here at home and in our own community. A strong Jewish community here helps to keep Jewish values and traditions alive and meaningful to us personally, and our families, while also enabling us to remain strong and vital in support and defense of our people in the world at large. A significant institution empowering this process is your synagogue. 

    And so it is that we earnestly ask you, especially at this juncture, to give generously to this year’s Kol Nidre appeal. Your Temple depends on this support in order to continue providing the essential religious, spiritual, educational, social and other programs that, we hope, help contribute to your well-being as Jews and foster experiences and traditions that are meaningful to you. 

    Temple Beth Am remains the major Reform synagogue in the south shore of Long Island. As you know, we have done so even though other institutions have closed their doors. Your support remains essential for us to continue to persevere. While we are pleased that more of you have increasingly seen fit to contribute to the Kol Nidre appeal, we urge all of you to do so. We cannot avoid cliché, because true: a contribution, from each and all of you, makes a difference, without any question whatsoever. We urge you to do so at this time. We also invite you to take advantage of the many programs our Temple offers and to become involved in your Temple’s governance and activities. We think you would be clearly pleased and energized by that involvement. 

    We hope the coming year brings health and contentment to you. L’Shanah tovah.  Please download and print this form and return it to the temple office with your pledge.


Glenn Pomerantz
Richard Goldberg
Kol Nidre Committee Co-Chairs