Reverse Hunger

posted Oct 19, 2012, 10:23 AM by David Plass
Reverse Hunger: Ending the Global Food Crisis
Dear Friend, 

Today is World Food Day: 
Speak up to make sure global hunger isn’t ignored this election. 

The third and final debate is just days away, and the candidates still haven’t discussed this issue.

Urge presidential debate moderator Bob Schieffer to ask the candidates where they stand on global hunger.
Right now there are nearly one billion people worldwide who will either eat or go hungry depending on what the United States will do to ease the global hunger crisis. 

This life-or-death issue seems more important than the election-year noise about “gaffes” and “zingers” to me—yet the candidates aren’t talking about it. 

Today, World Food Day, we have a chance to bring global hunger into the election conversation. 

Less than a week from now (and after tonight's much-anticipated second presidential debate), Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will meet in a third and final face-off, this Monday. 

Urge moderator Bob Schieffer to ask the presidential candidates where they stand on ending global hunger. 

For over a year now, you've been a part of the AJWS campaign to Reverse Hunger, and already we’ve made tremendous progress together—delivering tens of thousands of petition signatures to elected officials, raising our voices in the media, and even winning critical food aid policy reforms in the U.S. Senate that would make it easier for people in the developing world to grow their own food and feed themselves. 

But the fight’s not over, and when justice demands it, our values compel us to act. 

The full Congress still hasn’t passed the life-saving reforms we need. And so, when a new Congress comes to town in January, we’ll need a President who understands what's at stake, and a public that has the will to act. By getting the candidates’ views on the record now, we’ll find out where they stand, and we’ll show millions of viewers around the country that hunger is an urgent, but solvable, issue—if only we act. 

There’s no better time than today—World Food Day—to speak out, because Monday’s debate will be the last time the two candidates must answer questions in front of a live, national audience. 

Please take a moment to urge Monday's debate moderator, Bob Schieffer, to get the presidential candidates on the record about global hunger. 

Together, we’re bringing attention to one of the most pressing questions our generation faces: how do we put an end to the global hunger crisis? 

Let’s make sure that Bob Schieffer asks the candidates about hunger in this debate, because time is running out. 

Thank you, 
Ruth Messinger
Ruth W. Messinger
President, AJWS
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