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Dear Beth Am Family,

We wanted to make you aware of the Chesed Committee. Chesed is the Hebrew word that has come to be known as loving-kindness. The Chesed committee has been working quietly and confidentially behind the scenes of our Temple Beth Am family. Just like a family, we are there for each other in times of need. With the support of Rabbi Mickey and Cantor Dan our congregants have been taking care of each other in many ways.

We have so many heartwarming stories of support where, for instance, a congregant needed rides to ongoing medical treatment and a team was put together to make sure someone was always available to drive them. Another congregant, who is a member of the choir, shared with Cantor Dan, that she would no longer be able to participate, because she couldn’t get there; volunteers came forward to drive her. A working parent, faced with the challenge of getting children to Hebrew School on weekday afternoons, went to Rabbi Mickey and explained that after completing three years of Sunday school her children would not be able to continue with Hebrew school. Rabbi Mickey quickly and easily found a congregant who has now been driving her children to and from Hebrew school for over 10 years! Members of all ages may, at one time or another, appreciate the help of the Chesed Committee.

The committee is available to help with many different kinds of needs, not just rides. None of this assistance can be given, though, if the committee is not made aware of a need. Just like you would call upon your family for help, please call upon the Chesed committee and give your Temple Beth Am family an opportunity to be there for you. You can call the Temple office if you have a need, or to make us aware of someone else in need. We have also set up a confidential email address you can use to send a message.

             Stay tuned for updates on the work of the Chesed committee. We will be sharing stories of the ongoing efforts as a reminder that your Temple Beth Am family is always here for you.  Please contact us with your stories, your need, or a need you are aware of by phone at (516) 378-3477 or by email at chesed@templebethammerrick.org

The Chesed Committee