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Friday Night LIVE! March 18

Shalom Y'all! 

Do you want to part of history???

Then be part of the first band to play Friday Night LIVE!

Friday March 18, 2016

An Erev Shabbat service including original and familiar music from our worship services.

If you play an instrument and would like to participate, please contact Cantor Dan Rosenfeld at 516 378-3477 extension16 or at hazzandan@aol.com

Dear Temple Beth Am member,

In developing the concept of a "Friday Night Live" service with Cantor Dan, I decided that since not everyone is musically talented, we might also tap into our congregants' creative side. If you like writing poetry or prose, perhaps you would consider writing a prayer for a Shabbat service (Sabbath rest, peace, tranquility... reflections,etc). If, on the other hand, you enjoy performing, you might wish to volunteer to read an English passage from the service. Finally, maybe you have always wanted to deliver a sermon. The Torah portion is Vayikra, meaning "and (He) called" so a theme might reflect a calling in life. (You can also Google the words "sermon" and "Vayikra" which will probably give you dozens of other ideas.) We are also approaching the holiday of Purim which ties into themes of heroes versus villains (Mordechai, Ester, and Haman). The only thing I ask is that you limit your sermon to a few minutes for the sake of brevity.

And so, if any of these suggestions interest you, please call Jayne in the Temple office (378-3477) so that we can include you in the service and then you can tell all your friends that you were on Friday Night Live. Who knows, if you are really good, you might end up as a rabbi!

Rabbi Brown