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Kol Nidre appeal

To My Fellow Congregants:

Approximately a month ago, I asked that you strongly consider making a contribution to your Temple’s Kol Nidre fund.  The considerable importance of that contribution was outlined in my letter and strongly emphasized by each of your Co-Presidents at our annual High Holiday services.  Many of you have generously responded to those sincere and earnest appeals. I also fully understand that some, for reasons that lie within their sole discretion, have elected not to make such a contribution. However, if, for instance, you, like others, have my prior letter or pledge card, maybe tacked to a refrigerator door, or in that pile of nagging papers we all have requiring further action, and still wish to make a contribution, please do so! You can send back the pledge card, call our Temple office advising of your pledge, send a check, arrange for credit card payment or let our Temple office know whatever other arrangements work best for you.  As we leave the time of the High Holidays and enter the time where the clocks are turned back, and daylight savings ends, consider shedding more daylight on your Temple by making a Kol Nidre pledge that brightens not only the future of your Temple but also allows the Temple to help light up your life. 


                                                                           Rich Goldberg
                                                                           Kol Nidre committee