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High Holy Day Information

High Holy Day Services Schedule


S’lichot services are held on the Saturday night prior to Rosh Hashana. The S’lichot prayers prepare us for the High Holy Days. This year’s program is “Lyrics for a Better Life,” an evening of inspirational music from Broadway. All area Reform congregations are welcome to attend this service – no tickets are required.

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Rosh Hashana Services Schedule: 

Sunday, Sept 16: Erev Rosh Hashana Service, 8:00pm

Monday, Sept 17: Rosh Hashana Morning Service, 10:00am

Monday, Sept 17: *Rosh Hashana Family/Children's Service, 2:00pm. Pre-school age and up. Children invited onto Bimah for story with Rabbi Brown

Tuesday, Sept 18: *Rosh Hashana Morning Service, 10:30am

Yom Kippur Services Schedule:

Tuesday, Sept 25: Kol Nidre service, 8:00pm

Wednesday, Sept 26: Yom Kippur Morning Service, 10:00am

Wednesday, Sept 26: *Yom Kippur Family/Children's Service, 2:00pm.  Pre-school age and up.  Children invited onto Bimah for story with Rabbi Brown

Wednesday, Sept 26: *Yom Kippur Afternoon Service, 3:30pm

Wednesday, Sept 26: *Yizkor Service, 5:30pm

Wednesday, Sept 26: *Neilah Service, 6:00pm

* Indicates service is open to the community.  Tickets are required for all other services. 


Ushers will be checking tickets.  You must have a ticket to enter the building for services.

Only members who are up-to-date on their dues (at least first third paid) can be issued tickets.  

For tickets or more information, please contact the Temple Office at 378-3347