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Collecting pennies to represent the six million

Everyone Counts – Collecting pennies to represent the six million

Penny drive from now till April 11th

High school students in New Hampshire have decided to do something 
to honor and commemorate the six million Jewish lives loss during the 
Holocaust. This began when they attended a trip in middle school to 
the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D. C. This experience 
made them decide to act and create the pennies’ project. Each penny 
is unique and different but that is what makes them the same. As 
each life has purpose and should be counted so does a penny. These 
students are asking for a donation of pennies and hope to reach their 
goal of six million. They physically handle each penny and are making 
a visual display to try to comprehend the magnitude of the number six 
million. The students will ultimately donate all the money to charitable 
organizations which creates a positive lasting effect from such a tragic 
period in history. 

We can help and be a part of this wonderful initiative! Please bring all 
the pennies you have and tell friends and family to do the same. Bring 
the pennies to Temple Beth Am and place in the large water container 
outside of the Hebrew school office. 

All the pennies collected by Temple Beth Am will be transported to New
Hampshire by Holocaust survivor Stan Ronell on April 29th 2014