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Yom Kippur Messages from our Rabbis

Jack Benny had a funny routine.  When a robber asked him "Your money or your life" he didn't respond.  Frustrated, the robber then said, "Didn't you hear me!"  "Yes," Benny answered, "But I'm still trying to decide." 
There is a similar Hasidic story.  One Yom Kippur the gabbai (synagogue beadle) told Rabbi Chaim Sandzer that a certain congregant, wealthy and miserly, told him he desperately need water. The rabbi permitted him only one spoonful. 
A few minutes later, the gabbai returned, saying the water had helped but that the congregant was feeling faint again. The Rabbi responded that he could have as much water as he liked but that he would have to give 100 dollars to charity for each spoonful of water.  The miser thanked the rabbi but added: "I guess I'm not as thirsty as I thought I was."
On Yom Kippur there is a custom to give charity.  Perhaps you have an organization or foundation that you normally support.  I won't say "Your money or your life" only that it's a nice jesture for the holiday. 
G'mar Hatima Tova ... May you all be enscribed in the Book of Life.  

Rabbi Brown

Dear Temple Beth Am Family,

We are getting ready for Yom Kippur, this important day on the Jewish calendar — the Day of Atonement — and in doing so, we prepare for this time of fasting, reflection and prayer.
As you gather with family and friends, may this solemn occasion deepen your spiritual commitments and strengthen your ties with our home here at Temple Beth Am.
With that said, I thought I would send you a little story to "lighten" the mood:
The Sunday school lesson had just finished and the Rabbi asked if the children had any questions. Little David quickly raised his hand. 
“Yes, David? What is your question?”
“I have four questions to ask you, Rabbi. First, is it true that after the Children of Israel crossed the Red Sea, they received the Ten Commandments?”
“Yes, David.”
“And the Children of Israel also defeated the Philistines?”
“Yes, David, that's also true.”
“And the Children of Israel also fought the Romans and fought the Egyptians and built the Temple?”
“Again you are correct, David.”
“So my last question is, Rabbi, what were the grown-ups doing all this time?”

גמר חתימה טובה
G'mar chatima tova
May you - may we all - be inscribed in The Book of Life for a good year!
Have an easy fast!
Rabbi Mickey