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Presidents' Blog No. 5: Nov 2017

Thank you to all of our Congregants who contributed to our Kol Nidre Appeal. Through the generosity of about 40% of our Congregation, we raised $53,000.

Temple Beth Am has a number of funds that our Congregants choose to make contributions to throughout the year, in honor or memory of an individual or a specific event, and we wanted to share with you each month one of those funds.

This month’s fund is the Jane and Ira Lash School Scholarship Fund. This fund was established to provide funds for Temple Beth Am families who cannot otherwise afford to send their children to the Temple Beth Am Hebrew School or the Merrick Community Hebrew High School. It assists students in attending Hebrew school, who would not otherwise be able to go. We work with all families to the best of our ability, to enable them to remain members and send their children to school. This fund may be used by the Finance Committee to supplement the financial arrangements it makes with families, for the express purpose of paying for school fees. This helps both the family and the temple, in facilitating the child’s attendance and the temple’s ability to meets its financial needs.

Perhaps, you might consider making a donation to this fund next time you have a simcha or would like to memorialize someone important to you on their yahrzeit? In addition, if you have a child who will be reaching Bar/Bat Mitzvah and he or she is interested in doing a Mitzvah project, wouldn’t it be nice to fund another child’s Hebrew school education so they too may reach their Bar/Bat Mitzvah. If you have received help from the temple, that enabled you to remain a member or your child to reach Bar/Bat Mitzvah, perhaps you will consider paying it forward.

Whatever your reason, here is one fund for you to consider in helping your neighbor.