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Presidents' Blog: May 2019

Dear congregants,

It is the middle of May and we are coming to the end of our term as your Presidents.  Although our presidency is ending, our commitment to seeing through many of the initiatives we brought about will not.  You should have recently received your new Give from the Heart pledge paperwork. We hope that you will be as generous as you can when returning your pledge card.  But even more than your pledge, we need your help promoting the program, telling your friends and neighbors and doing all that you can to help us grow our Congregation.  There are still so many unaffiliated individuals and families and we would love to have them join us.

While sitting at a Badminton match last week I met a former Temple Emanu-El member.  Although she has friends at Temple Beth Am, she did not know of our voluntary pledge model.  I explained how it works and hopefully she will follow up. There are many of these people and we want them.

In preparing for the 2019-20 financial year, we evaluated 2018-19.  As we have stated previously, we had a net gain of 66 families. Our pledges came in just as we had expected.  Even though we had more members, the amount we raised did not increase, BUT this is consistent with what we expected.  This was our first year and as we calculated, new members generally do not give as much as existing members. We hope that now that these members have had a chance to see what our temple has to offer, they will feel the connection and give more this coming year and in years to come.  

However, it is important to note that pledges are just one revenue stream for our temple.  Both current and new members have shown their devotion through other donations like Kol Nidre, yahrzeit etc.  These are all important financial elements for the temple.

In addition, many of our social activities continued to grow.  Our Social Club is growing rapidly with many new and exciting events and of course our ever-growing Bowling Club.  Whatever your liking, come out and join in with other congregants to make your connection. We will be sending at least one more blog before our term ends and we look forward to sharing even more good reports with you.  Thank you for all you have done with and for us.

Shari Weissbach and Paul Ross