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Presidents' Blog No. 11: Summer 2018

The following remarks were delivered by Shari Weissbach at the Board installation service on June 22, 2018.

Paul and I are beginning our third year as Co-Presidents. We are looking forward to this third and presumably final year with excitement…not because it is probably our final year but because of the pledge model the temple has adopted. We are looking forward to the opportunities this may bring the temple for growth in both numbers of congregants and a sense of community. Our overall job could not have been completed without the incredible assistance and competency of our Executive Board, In alphabetical order, Wendy Katcher, Michael Krassner, Charles Rosenblum, Elizabeth Roth, Scott Sachs, and Gary Schwartz.

Wendy is VP of Membership and co-chair of Ritual Committee. Wendy takes on the difficult task of collecting outstanding amounts, speaking with prospective and existing Congregants regarding payments as well as assisting in the coordination with the Cantor regarding Bar/Bat Mitzvah lessons. Wendy also coordinates the giving out of Bar/Bat Mitzvah dates, coordinating meeting with families with Bar/Bat Mitzvahs years out as well as educating these members on the responsibilities that come with planning a Bar/Bat Mitzvah in the temple.

Michael Krassner is one of our Vice Presidents. Michael has taken on many crucial roles this past year. He has played a huge part in developing, coordinating and planning for the transition of our previous dues structure and our newly adopted voluntary dues model. His calculations, computer skills and preparation with us of our new pledge cards and letterhead have been indispensable. Michael also continues to chair our Brick project which was successfully completed last year and will be offered again this coming year, as well as co-chairing our so popular Bowling

Charles Rosenblum serves as Vice President and Chairman of the Board. Charles is also a past President, offers his insight and advice to Paul and me regularly. Charles is also involved with the Ritual Committee and co-chairs the Bowling league. Charles volunteers a large portion of time performing legal tasks for the temple. This can be extremely time consuming and we are lucky to have him. He can also be seen at almost every event the temple has...except maybe Sisterhood, although I’m not sure that isn’t the case.

Elizabeth Roth is VP of School and Youth. Liz is an involved member of our School Committee and has given much of her time, above and beyond the Executive Board, raising money for the School Committee and working with Rabbi Baum to better the Religious School for our kids.

Scott Sachs is our treasurer and has taken on a role many do not envy and has done so for more years than I know. Tracking our income and expenses and making sure everything is properly recorded and reported is quite tedious. We are very grateful for his continued assistance as well as all of his input into the many non-financial related issues which arise during our many meetings.

Gary Schwartz is our Corresponding Secretary but does so much more. Gary is a MacGyver of many ideas and carries them through in grand fashion…If you want to fix something, change something or upgrade something, Gary is your man. Gary headed up our office renovation and did so by reaching out for donations…he has taken on task after task and if Gary says he will take it on, you can bet it will be carried out and he will do so with our bank account in mind. We need a lot more Garys!

I would be remiss if I didn’t say a few words about David Plass. Although he has not technically been on the board or executive committee this past year, he has graciously and without complaint served as our recording secretary. As you all know, David is our immediate past President and we task him with the duty of answering all questions to which Paul and I have no clue. He always attends Board meetings and Congregational meetings, taking scrupulous notes, and preparing them for following meetings. In addition, he has for the past several years served on the budget committee and is an important contributor to establishing our yearly budget. Like the others, we are grateful to him for all he does.

Finally, I’d like to say how grateful we are to both Rabbi Baum and Cantor Rosenfeld. This past year was a new experience for all of us with the retirement of Rabbi Brown and they both have stepped up and made this transition a very tranquil one.

But as they say, last is best. Paul and I have served together for 2 years. We seem to take on tasks without having to ask the other which one the other wants…it just seems to flow. I think he carries a large part of our job and I am grateful to have him by my side and you should be grateful to have him as a leader here.