Rabbi Brown's Pesach Greetings

Dear members of Temple Beth Am,

If I had favorites when it came to Jewish holidays, Passover would be at the top of the list. Not that the other holidays aren't significant and meaningful, but the memory of past Seders conjures up images of childhood. For instance, there were bragging rights as to how many people attended your Seder - you had only 28 people, we had 32! And I recall the personalities... There weren't only four children (the wise, the wicked, the simple, and the one who didn't know how to ask). We had so many more: the comedian, the fresser (the glutton), the atheist, the bragger, the "scholar" who thought he knew everything, and even a few antagonists. Yes, I can remember some great family fights that erupted over trivial matters such as proper attire at the table. And while I was often bored to death by the repetition of the second Seder, later in life I understood that once married you needed a second night for the in-laws. And how I loved the food. My Aunt Rose's chopped liver was the best! Any health problems I have today can certainly be traced back to that one Seder...but it was worth it. They don't make chopped liver like that any more! And of course during the week of Passover, I had so much Matzo, Macaroons, and hard boiled eggs... I could easily wait the 51 weeks until I was ready to indulge myself once again.

And so this is my way of saying to you, have a zissen Pesach. Those people around the table won't always be there. May you look back on past Passovers with fond memories.

From our family to yours,
Chag Kasher v'Sameach
Rabbi Brown