August 2012 Message


Dear Temple Beth Am Congregants,

Your librarian is very anxious for our congregants and their children to visit our outstanding “Jewish” library. During the school year, the school children make great use of the library. It’s difficult to get the adult congregants to visit and use the library. To make it easier, we even offer to deliver desired books to congregants who request them. PLEASE TRY TO VlSIT AND USE OUR LIBRARY.  We are looking for up to 20 men and women congregants who enjoyed school and enjoyed studying and who miss this mind enlarging exercise as adults. We have a conference table that holds up to 20 persons. Your librarian would like to use it for a study program beginning Thursday November 1, 2012 and weekly thereafter to read and study a very controversial subject.

How did three Jews get involved in creating Christianity? The three were Jesus, Simon, and Saul. Jesus died as a Jew never having heard of Christianity. Simon and Saul were observant Jews. Somewhere during the course of history Simon became Saint Peter, and Saul became Saint Paul.

Your librarian thought there would be at least 20 congregants who would like to study this interesting subject. Your librarian will supply all the books. Maximum reading per week 25 to 30 pages. We will read Sholem Asch's The Nazarene, and Chaim Lieberman's The Christianity of Sholem Asch, and the new best selling book Kosher Jesus by Orthodox Rabbi Shmuley Boteach.

Join us by calling or e-mailing JERRY MEDOWAR at 623-6739 or