Librarian Report Feb 2016





I have had an ad running on our web site for about a year asking for a congregant to volunteer to become my assistant to learn how to be a Temple Librarian and able to succeed me when I retire in the next year or two. (I’ll be 87!)  I am happy to report that I now have a volunteer but as a college student he will return to school in April. His name is Jesse Just, a graduate of our Temple School and a Bar Mitzvah. He attended LIU-Post and will soon enter culinary school. I put him in charge of the 300 plus cookbooks on our shelves.

Jesse and I just finished processing and shelving some 30 recently acquired books. Some were purchased; some were gifts from our congregants; and some were gifts from our Sisterhood.

Two of the gifts are very special. They come with a 40 year old story. Let me tell you the story first. 40 years ago, our recently deceased congregant Henry Davis, a wholesale travel dealer did something special. He traveled the world as part of his work and one place he fell in love with was Yokneam Ilit in northern Israel about 20 miles south of Haifa. He met the residents. He met the mayor. They discussed adopting one another’s home city, and to make a long story short, Yokneam is our sister city; and Merrick is theirs. 

Sadly that relationship is long forgotten…but not by two people. Part of the relationship was an exchange of “pen-pal” names. I received Esther Eglick’s name and she got mine. We have been exchanging letters for 40 years. Goldie and I have visited with them 4 times, some in Jerusalem and some in Yokneam. (Even my grandson Daniel spent several days with them in Yokneam.) 

On our last visit a couple of years ago Jack Eglick, Esther’s husband hired a taxi to take us for a tour through the residential section of Yokneam and also through it industrial section. The town is four times larger than it was in 1992, our first visit to Yokneam. It was in this industrial town that a pill was invented that goes through your body taking pictures as it traveled. Esther lived in France before coming to Israel; Jack lived in South Africa. One of Jack’s relatives owns the South African Airline. One of the gifts he sent us was a recipe book published by Emunah of South Africa in honor of Jack’s sister. 

Another booklet that was given our library was a poetry book in Hebrew entitled “in Darkness I Like the Light” written by a resident of Yoknean. I am going to tell you more about these books when I publish “The Librarian Recommends” in the next edition of our web site.