By writing in the language of all Jews about everyday Jewish life, Sholem Asch,
along with other pioneers of Yiddish literature, sought to preserve a sense of
culture and community among his kinsmen despite their dispersal throughout the
world and lack of a common homeland. His literature appeared at a time when
Jews were stigmatized and persecuted for their culture and religious beliefs. His
stories of ordinary men and women living in Eastern European shtetls and American
settlements and their triumph of spirit and faith in the face of adversity transcended
religion, culture and nationality. The following are the books and plays and short
stories Sholem Asch has written:
  • A Shtetl ("The Village"), 1904 or earlier. Story.
  • Mitn Shtrom (With the Stream), 1904 novel and play
  • Der T'hilim Yid, 1934, translated as: Salvation
  • The War Goes On, 1935
  • Bayrn Opgrunt, 1937, translated as: The Precipice
  • Got fun Nekomeh (God of Vengeance), 1907, play
  • Reb Shloyme Nogid, 1913, novel
  • Motke Ganev (Motke the Thief), 1916, novel
  • Mary, 1917, play
  • Der Veg tsu Zikh (The Way to Oneself), 1917, play
  • Motke Ganev (Motke the Thief), 1917, play
  • The Mother, 1937, novel
  • Three Novels, 1938
  • Dos Gezang fun Tol (The Song of the Valley), 1938 (translated into English, 1939)
  • The Nazarene, 1939, novel
  • What I Believe, 1941, essay 201p.
  • Children of Abraham, 1942, short stories
  • The Apostle, 1943, novel
  • One Destiny: An Epistle to the Christians, 1945,
  • Onkl Mozes, 1918 (translated into English 1938), play
  • Kiddush ha-Shem, 1919 (translated into English 1926), novel
  • Di Muter, (The Mother), 1919 (translated into English 1930)
  • Di Kishufmakherin fun Kastilien (The Witch of Castile), 1921
  • East River, 1946
  • Tales of My People, 1948, short stories
  • Mary, 1949, novel, unrelated to his earlier work of the same name
  • Urteyl (Death Sentence), 1924
  • Khaym Lederers Tsurikkumen (The Return of Khaym Lederer), 1927
  • Farn Mabul trilogy (Before the Flood) 1929-31, translated as Three Cities, 1933
  • Gots Gefangene (God's Captives), 1933
  • Salvation, 1951
  • Moses, 1951, novel
  • A Passage in the Night, 1953
  • The Prophet, 1955