Sept 2015: Our Librarian Recommends


Before I recommend this book, I would like to tell you an old joke: Two old Jewish men are sitting on a park bench in Berlin in the early 1930’s. Things are not yet so bad, but that doesn’t mean they won’t get worse. One of the two is solemnly reading a Jewish newspaper. The other is scanning a Nazi paper and laughing out loud. Finally, the first man stops reading and says, “It’s bad enough you read that that pro-Hitler rag. But to laugh at it!” The second responds with a shrug. “What if I read your paper? It tells me about Jewish windows being broken, Jewish shops boycotted, Jewish children being beaten up in school. So…if I read the Hitler paper it tells me that we Jews control the whole world.

I teach at the Museum of Jewish Heritage at the Battery in lower Manhattan. On one of my tours is an original German version of Hitler’s Mein Kamph (My Struggle). Regrettably I never read this book. I imagined its contents and tried to give some valid explanation about the book, but I was always frustrated by not having read it. Since our library had a copy of it, I decided to read it. After having read it, I determined it was like the joke. I never knew the Jews were so powerful; that they ran and owned all the big newspapers and radio stations; they monopolized the industries; they ran the unions; they and Karl Marx, a Jew supported the Marxists and Bolshevists; and as the joke said they were going to take over the world.

In his book Hitler also pointed out the Jews caused WWI; the Jews caused Germany to lose WWI; and after the war the Jews took over the German government.

If you are interested in history and wondered how a mad man like Hitler could get the Germans to support and follow him you must read this book. Call Jerry at 516-623-6739 or e-mail him at