Parents: Come visit our library with your children

PARENTS: You are invited to visit our temple library with your youngster whenever you are at the temple building. A good time to visit is when you come to temple to pick up your child from his or her classes. 

You are welcome to visit the library when I am not here. The door is always open to you and your child. If I am not present you are welcome to borrow a book or two on the "honor system". Simply remove the card from the back of the book and insert your name and telephone number and then leave the card on the librarian's desk.  Please be certain your child returns the book when she or he comes back to class in a week or two.

While you are visiting with your child we have some wonderful books that you can enjoy. I am sorry to say we don't have current best sellers....but we do have great books. I look forward to seeing you and your child.

Jerry Medowar